Coaching the Coaches
Jack Stark, PhD
Clinical, Sports & Performance Psychologist & Executive Director


How to Transform Your Team Into a Dynasty

Showing his winning formula at work, Stark draws readers into the inner circles of the championship NASCAR team for whom he’s been team psychologist for the last seventeen years and the Nebraska Huskers’ three-championship dynasty of the 1990s. He also gets up close and personal with the consistently successful leadership at F-500 companies. Written in straightforward no-nonsense…
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Coaching the Coaches


To provide services to Coaches in their professional and personal lives at the Pro and Collegiate levels.



National surveys consistently show that Coaching ranks in the Top 10 of the most stressful jobs in the USA. Yet, there exists nowhere for Coaches to get help professionally. The National Center for Coaches is dedicated to helping Coaches become successful in all areas of their lives. More about Jack Stark…